Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Making Your Schedule is like Playing Tetris

Think about it. In Tetris, you have to plan out where you put the blocks so you can perfectly fit other blocks and make a row. Its the same concept with doing a class schedule. I have to plan the time of one class so I can fit another class within a given time. Since I depend on the shuttle bus, I HAVE to be done with my day by at least 2:10pm everyday.

I was looking over the schedule I picked out for Winter quarter and realized that what I thought was going to work was all wrong. I would end up waiting in the snow for the bus that never shows up on time every day. (AKA the 74 bus at 3:10pm)

I rechecked the online scheduled classes and noticed Managerial Accounting was open! YES!!! So tomorrow I'm getting to school bright and early so I can exchange my 3 credit class for a 4 credit online course! I've never taken a class online so this will be something new. I've spoken to a few students who have taken Accounting online and they told be to be ready for tons of reading and homework. Well, I'm totally ready for it. Since there is no lecturing in a classroom, of course Im expecting tons of reading. If I run into a problem, I'll just go to the ASC center for some tutoring.

I just hope the class is still open tomorrow morning. I know online classes fill up really quick so I'm gonna be waiting outside Advisement bright and early to nad a spot in a class.

Seriously, I didn't plan on having another 3 hour break and everything else I found wrong in my first planned schedule. Good thing I made mine early. If I would have waiting, I'm pretty sure I would have been stuck with a completely messed up schedule full of overlapping classes and late dismissals.

And then there's the whole "make sure you took the prerequisite to the class you want to take now" thing. Ugh!

My word of advice to you: Double check your schedule and make sure it works.

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Berkeley College Online Blog said...

LOL I never thought of it that way, Vanessa. Fortunately for me, everything fits in because it's all online. But it's good you're branching out and trying an online course. Just a few words of advice: not only should you be prepared to do a lot of reading (as you say others have mentioned), but stay on top of those readings each week. You'll find that time flies by weekly, especially with an online course, and at the end of the quarter, you'll be all, "Where'd the time go?" (By the way, I'm still perplexed.)