Saturday, November 3, 2007

Whoo! $62 refund!

Thursday I did my schedule. No school on Mondays and Fridays! Woot woot. In order to see my schedule on Blackboard, I had to clear my account at, where else?, student accounts. This is always kinda scary because sometimes, you can owe $700 out of pocket because you forget about financial aid things. I kept on top of my finances so luckily, I owed nothing. Not only that, Im getting a refund!

I already chose my preference on the Berkeleybluecard website but I think I'm gonna change it to direct deposit. The paper check took forever to show up last quarter and I'd like to have my money now than later.

If you haven't done your schedule yet, I suggest you get to steppin' and go do it ASAP. A lot of classes are filling up fast.

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