Friday, November 2, 2007

A Case of Paranoia

Ever since the gas leak in school, I've been pretty paranoid about anything that might seem out of the ordinary.

For example, when the shuttle bus was riding into the parking lot of the school, I noticed a lot of students were leaving campus. There were carpools and people walking out of classes to their cars. Usually, I would think this is no big deal. It was the end of 2nd period so people usually leave for a late breakfast or something. Instead, I started sniffing around and calling a friend making sure that we still had class.

Another thing I'm freaked out about is the outbreak of Staph in my town. Two elementary schools and the middle school were shut down for sanitation. Now, I walk around with a bottle of Purell in my bag. Im wary when it comes to passing papers out and hugging random strangers.

Im sure my super paranoia will pass soon enough. Im just not gonna be in the computer rooms touching keyboards for a little while.

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