Sunday, November 4, 2007

Music Club Schedule

As you all know, I'm a member of the Music Club. I'm trying to get hella more people to come and check it out. Remember, its not genre-specific. Anyone with any music preference and come and show off some skills. It can range from rock guitar,to traditional gypsy baritone ukelele (which I'm try to get a hold of and learn to play) and polka accordion (not sure I spelled that right). Violins and woodwinds welcome! Seriously, I want everyone to just show up and have some fun at Music Club.

I'm actually jotting down a few words and tunes to tryout for the next meeting. The performance two weeks ago has got me amped to get up on stage and play something.

Here's a schedule of the next two weeks. They're all in the Knupple Hall Community Room. Just come right down the stairs and there we are!
  • Monday November 5 from 3-5,
  • Wednesday November 7 from 3-5,
  • Monday November 12 from 3-5
  • Wednesday November 14 from 3-5

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