Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's that Smell?

Man, today was bound to be bad. There were signs everywhere telling me not to go to school. My alarm clock was disconnected, the train was super late, and the printers in school wouldn't let me print out my Student Audit. It was just a series of events saying that I shouldn't be in school.

Then, 10:15am the fire alarm blared. I was in my Oral Communications class. It seemed like it was a normal fire drill. Farrington even joked about it. It was all jovial until we got outside and were hit with a strong smell. The smell of gas was everywhere. You saw everyone's faces get serious. Some people let immediately. They jumped into their cars and jetted out of there. The rest of us stayed to see what was going on. It wa pretty bad because of the worried looks on the faces of the professors, administration and security guards. Everyone trying to get on campus was redirected. They had to turn around and leave. Almost 40 minutes later, it was official. All day classes were cancelled and everyone had to leave. I was lucky I had a buddy with a car. I didn't hear anything about transportation for shuttle people. Most of the cars had at least 3 people in them so I'm sure everyone found a ride.

Text messages were sent out by the school a few minutes ago announcing the cancellation of day classes. Hopefully, everyone who dorms is alright.

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