Thursday, October 4, 2007

Berkeley's Club Convention / First Activity Period.

I was actually amped for Activity period today. Everyone's back on campus so it was time for everyone to meet up and catch up. Of course, Berkeley whipped out the big speakers and played some hangout music in front of the student center. Haha. I always loved that. What other college provides a soundtrack during break?

I went around taking photos of some of the clubs on campus. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera ha low batteries so I only got to take a few photos. But, hey! The ones I did take were pretty cool.

Here's a new club. Music club! All I needed was a guitar and Circa Survive shirt to conviced me to sign up for this club. That and I'm pretty sure I went to high school with one of these guys. I'm pretttyyyyy sure.

This is the paintball club. Yeah, that's right. PAINTBALL! This was one of the most popular tables. So, if you're a glutton for pain and bruises, sign up! Haha.

Here's the soccer club table. Check out that sweet jersey. I saw the soccer girls practicing yesterday and thought they were amazing.

I feel kinda bad that I didn't get to take pictures of the other tables. They were all full! Well, before my camera died, I managed to get this picture. Now, what you are about to see next is something that completely made my day.

VEGAN BARS!!! YES!!! No more having to walk to 7-11 for some vegan goodness! For real, Berkeley really stepped up their menu. Not only did they add tons of vegan/vegetarian options, but they also expanded their menus like crazy! The cafe was pretty much packed.

It was really nice to see everyone back. Seriously, I don't know how many times I said "Hey! How you doin'?! How was your summer?!"