Wednesday, October 17, 2007

College Veg Pledge 2007

Okay, so this isn't directly related with Berkeley College itself, but it is a college thing and its something I'm really passionate about.

I signed a pledge on that says the following:

"As a university student, I realize that I am a leader for my generation
and an example for society. I am concerned about the inherent cruelty of
consuming animals for food and the impact meat has on global warming, the
environment, and my health. By signing my name, I pledge to abstain from
consuming meat on November 13th, 2007, and commit myself to exploring a more
ethical diet in the future.”

If you're interesting in joining in and leaving out the ham in your sandwich for a day, feel free to sign.

I'm not planning on shoving all this vegetarian-vegan stuff into anyone's face. I'm just doing my normal college activist thing and letting people know about the things I care about.

By the way,
Did everyone remember to register to vote in '08?

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