Monday, October 1, 2007

My Refund Never Showed Up. / Book Selling


My Berkeley refund never showed up. Today, I just remembered that I put in the paper check preference for my refund and it still hasn't showed up. I'm not a big ton of money coming in the mail but its enough to buy my Macroeconomics book.

Today, I'm calling the company as soon as I get home and see what's the deal with my check! I would have put direct deposit if I wasn't so darn paranoid about my bank account. And you guys already know what I thought about the debit card.

Other than that, I've sold a couple of books thanks to this blogger (and you guys responding and emailing me.) I still have some books left to sell but so far, so good. :-)

There was an email sent out saying that students aren't allowed to post up flyers about selling their books. They suggested using other ways of selling/buy/trading like ebay and facebook. Facebook actually worked for me. I think I might even start a sellers account. I wanted to keep my textbooks nice and cheap for other Berkeley students, but if no one wants the books I have, I might as well offered them to other people in other parts of the country.

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