Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tomorrow is Super Busy Thursday

Even though its only Wednesday morning, I'm already prepping for what will be one of the busiest Thursdays ever.

Tonight, I have to finalize my oral communications speech. Usually, that'd be an easy process but I decided to completely change the focus of my subject. Then, I have to write 3 two-pages essays for humanities in the media, based on the movies we watched in class. I was absent during one of those days so I didn't get to finish watching "Wag the Dog". Thank goodness for After I'm done with that, I have to start baking cupcakes. Yeah. Baking. I'll explain that one in a minute.

Tomorrow morning, I get to present my oral comm speech. Right after that class is activity period. I have to head over to the Student Center for the "What Not to Wear" presentation that the Fashion Club is having. There's also a raffle going on in the presentation. The winner of the raffle gets to have a complete makeover. I bought my ticket last week. :-D Who wouldn't want a makeover? Okay, after that, I have to hand in my essays and start studying for midterms. After class, I have to run home and finished up decorating my cupcakes.

The cupcakes are for the Music Club presentation being held in the Community Room at 7pm on Thursday. I didn't get to make it to a couple of the practices and since I didn't think I was stage-ready yet, I opted for making cupcakes for the audience.

Busy busy Thursday! So, in case you didn't catch all the activities going on, here's a rundown.
  • What Not to Wear at the Student Center (Activity Period 11am)
  • Don Carter Jazz Trio and Berkeley Music Club concert at the Community Room (7pm -9pm)

Please please come to the concert on Thursday night. C'mon. Cupcakes! You'll also get to check out Berkeley's talented students do their thing on stage. And its free!

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