Monday, October 29, 2007

Registration for Winter Already? Wow.

We're already half way done with the quarter! Can you believe that?

Today, I saw a bunch of people lined up at the Student Accounts hall. That pretty much an indication that its time to register. I looked up my progress report and figured out a way to only have class twice a week. I kinda wanna try this out. It'll give me a chance of maybe holding down a normal part time job for the rest of the 5 days of the week.

I'm not too sure what'll go on with this but I'm gonna try it out. Hopefully, it'll pan out alright. My credit card bill needs paying and I have to start making some kind of money for a car! So far, the 4 days a week/getting out at 2 schedule setup has made it impossible for me to get back in my town before 5. Maybe with this two day thing, I'll have a better chance at a steady job.

Anyone else out there do the carless two-days a week thing?

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