Monday, October 22, 2007

Great Feedback from Readers

I'd like to thank everyone who's been commenting and emailing me through this blogger. Its good to know someone out there is reading this thing. :-)

Remember, all my info is on the right side of the page so if you have an questions concerning Berkeley (anything from admissions to which bathroom is the cleanest), just click on my email link and send me a note!

I'm updating right now because my Macro class was cancelled early. My professor had a meeting so its a perfectly valid excuse. Usually, I'd run to catch my seat on the 2:10pm shuttle, but today I'm sticking around campus for a Music Club meeting. (By the way,if you're reading this and you're still on campus, Music Club meeting in Community room today from 3-5. My bad for the late posting.)

Since the last shuttle leaves at 3:20pm, I'll be left to walk around Garret Mountain. Its cool. Im actually kinda looking forward to it. I have my sneakers on and the weather is nice. I haven't really wandered around over here so today, I'm planning on walking through the Garret Mountain Reservation and catching my bus on the other side of the mountain (the Montclair side). Maybe I'll spot a deer.

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