Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crazy Movies in Humanities in the Media Class

We finished watching a movie called "The Name of the Rose" in my Humanities class. What a crazy movie. It deals with censorship back during the Inquisition days. After this movie, we're watching two more. We have to write essays about each movie and hand them in at the end of the third one. Im starting to write my essay on The Name of the Rose today. I have terrible memory so I might as well get all this written down before I completely forget the film.

Tomorrow is the first music club meeting! If you didn't sign up on last Thursday, show up anyway. Im taking my little sister to this one because I got stuck with babysitting duties at the last minute. I already asked the head of the club and he's cool with it. The first meeting is like a "Hello. My name is _______" kinda thing. I think we're also trying out some instruments. Lets hope I still have a drop of guitar skills left from high school. If I completely reek at it, I'm cool with playing the triangle or kazoo.

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